We Work Tirelessly to Please Our Customers
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We Work Tirelessly to Please Our Customers

Dennis O’Leary writes,

Hey members,

I just want to give a shout out to Lee Dahlen.

Lee has worked on my 36 foot 1973 Commander for 5 weekends in the past 7 months ended in the middle of April. He’s not just an ordinary competent mechanic rather he’s a passionate Chris Craft boat owner who will do the right thing for his clients. And he always wants to learn more about how these old boats run – always something with these lovable beasts we own.

Given we have a short boating season here up in the Northeast, it’s so important to have someone who can not only fix problems quickly but identify potential issues that could cause a boating season to be missed – quickly seeing a faulty shaft install that could have wrecked my transmission and my boating season, as well as noting my alternators were not properly connected by a previous mechanic not to be named.

And the other tremendous value Lee brings is his incredible knowledge and resources to obtain parts – tireless work done at no charge and always looks to get the best deals for his clients. He took my old pitted throttles off. His re-chrome vendor came back with a $1K price tag. Lee sourced the same ones with less damage from another boat for no charge and that re-chrome was only $500. And the throttles are gorgeous and then he naturally advised me (Lee always passes on great tips) to shine up my stainless Captain’s helm – looks good, but not as nice as those throttles! Jeez he just sent me a tachs suggestion at 3AM earlier this week.

And I can go on about all the other things he’s done, but I’ll stop now. However, I feel members need to know and value good craftsmen like Lee – they just do so much more than fix boats; they improve lives.

Anyway he’s installed my AC and got a 40 year old generator to turn over. He’s coming in June to test them both and looking forward to a heat wave in my cool salon out on the bay with a drink in my hand this summer.



**You can find Dennis’ testimonial about our services over at the Commander Club website.

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